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Four Sex the City Dating Patterns.
If you see yourself in these dating patterns, congratulations.Dating guys she feels are beneath her.Deeper Dynamic: A desperate need to be claimed, almost against your will, (As Smith successfully did with Samantha in the end.).Fearing intimacy (Smith holding her hand in public!) and commitment.The Crumbs Dating Pattern (like Carrie).Attracted to a man only if other women are interested in him or hes left her (Steve).The, chase Me, dating Pattern (like Samantha).Then make a rule.Deeper Dynamic: Low self esteem a sense that you cant compete with other women for a really great successful guy.Deeper Dynamic: A self-critical nature where you judge anyone who would want you as not good enough.I only date men who are available and crazy about.The, not Perfect Ill Pass Fix: Listen to the voice in your head that is hypercritical of you.Instead, take a chance hang in there and be real with him.The, not PerfectIll Pass, dating Pattern (like Charlotte).
The, safety Net Fix : Either leave or help this guy grow into someone you could fall for!