escort me meaning

It turned out we weren't leaving yet, because Mom was just escorting a family friend out.
In it she plays Kat, a woman who discovers that the best man at her sister's wedding is an old boyfriend and, rather than arrive without a man, hires a male escort to be her date.It was less than a half an hour later when the ambulance and an escort of two police cars took Sara and her newest daughter to the hospital.Yet one of them was escorted under guard to Paris where he was freed, and not re-arrested by the French.In many part so the world escort agencies are illegal so they will market themselves under the guise of massage parlors or the like.Who in their right mind would you mean all I have to do is escort them to the entrance?My wife and I were driven from Baghdad Airport under escort.M., the hikers followed a Forest Service escort to safety.Then there are the high-class prostitutes who can work from home or work as escorts; they charge higher fees and can live a lavish lifestyle.Protection, care, or safeguard on a journey or excursion; as, to travel under the escort of a friend.Escort and mean are semantically related.Up to and including vol.Security was tight yesterday, with armed escorts for both buses.People escort people mean people boy escort boy mean boy someone escort someone mean someone way escort way mean way Other nouns: everyone, son.He left the village under police escort.Nearby Words: escorted, escorting, synonyms for Escort, show Definitions.As the guards were escorting him from the station he refused to leave.
It often features photo-shoots taken in an "ordinary" location like a pub, or outdoors at a place familiar to British readers.