See ex -1, correct syn: See accompany.
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A person or dating potsdam persons accompanying another or others for protection, guidance, or courtesy.She then claimed that security guards approached her car saying Cosby told them to escort her home.I was wearing a fur coat and my escort was in a dinner jacket.An armed or protective guard, as a body of soldiers or ships.(take) police, soldiers, security guard escorter to be escorted out sortir sous escorte the players were escorted out through a back door to be escorted from sortir sous escorte de he had to be escorted from the building by a security guard.The escort site Cowboys4Angels peddles chiseled, hot-bodied men and their smoldering model looks to women willing to pay.Also found in: Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical, Legal, Idioms, Encyclopedia, Wikipedia.A man or boy who accompanies a woman or girl in public, as to a social event.SEE more synonyms hvem styrer escort piger i københavn FOR escort, oN.Escort sounds like I would need to look into service renewal.One or more persons, soldiers, vehicles, etc, accompanying another or others for protection, guidance, restraint, or as a mark of honour.French escorte, from Italian scorta, from scorgere, to guide, from Vulgar Latin *excorrigere : find registrerede sexforbrydere i sc Latin ex-, ex-, latin corrigere, to set right ; see correct.Escort, uS Airborne elint System, suggest new definition, want to thank TFD for its existence?Protection, safeguard, or guidance on a journey: to travel without escort.See ex-1, correct, related formsunescorted, adjectivewell-escorted, adjective, synonyms for escort.Aircraft assigned to protect other aircraft during a mission.To escort escort -girl.His escort sa compagne escort agency n agence f d'hôtesses Translation English - French Collins Dictionary Collaborative Dictionary English-French escort.from Italian scorta, literally "a guiding from scorgere "to guide from Vulgar Latin *excorrigere, from ex- "out" (see ex- ) corrigere "set right" (see correct ).Une escorte de police Mark 3 Ford Escort exp.
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